Specifications of the Burch Model 200 Aircraft Magneto Bench Tester:

  • Model-200-Magneto-Bench-Tester-Baldor-Drive-imageBaldor Variable Speed Motor Controller: Keyboard. digital tachometer, power disconnect, forward and reverse switch, and potentiometer for controlloing motor speed.
  • Adjustable Motor Speed: RPM (up to 4,500 RPM) or frequency (range of 50Hz to 200Hz).
  • Digital tachometer: Mounted on motor controller, fully reversible, range up to 5,000 RPM.
  • Supply voltage: Can be set at 120V (50/60 Hz) or 220V (50/60 Hz).
  • Line Surge Protection: AC lines fused for protection.
  • Spark Gap Assembly: Twelve (12) spark gap assemblies per test bench; features three (3) point gap assembly with PVC insulator and stainless steel spark rods.
  • Magneto Mount Plate: 1/4" aluminum plate, center drilled for magnetos; bolt pattern accepts Bendix & Slick magnetos.
  • Test Leads: Twelve (12) test leads for Bendix magnetos and a set of six leads for Slick magnetos
  • Base Plate: Single piece steel plate construction with offset black plate.  32" X 14" X 12" (L X W X H)
  • Weight: Unit weight is 135 pounds, shipping weight is 185 pounds
  • Safety Feature: Safety Shield between the motor and the magneto is built of alloyed aluminum 1/4" thick with a twin-screw lockdown (see image below).


Factory Direct Price:  $7,275.00

**All prices include crating for shipment but DO NOT include S&H Freight Cost**